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How to file claims

Claims Center: Complete Assistance When You Need It

Accidents and claims can be overwhelming. Our top priority is to support and guide you through these difficult times. All Lines Insurance is more than your insurer—we’re your steadfast ally after an incident.


To File or Not? Informed Choice

Claiming requires careful consideration. Use this more detailed guide:

Immediate Concerns: If the possibility of injury or liability is unclear, file a claim. You must take this step to avoid legal action.

Evaluation of Minor Incidents: For minor damage like backing into a mailbox, compare repair costs to your policy deductible. If repair costs are much lower than the deductible, paying out-of-pocket may be better.

Consultation and Support: Please contact us if you’re unsure. Our team can assess your situation, discuss policy implications, and help you decide what to do.

Your Claim Filing Journey

Filing a Claim: What You Should Know

Whom should I contact to file a claim?

    Direct Notification: Contact your insurer to start a claim. This ensures fast claim processing.

    Our Role as Your Agent: We're here to help with any issues. Specific details require direct communication with the insurer, but our expertise can provide clarity and support.

    Consistent Engagement: We don't leave after processing your claim. We'll follow up to ensure your claim was handled professionally and satisfactorily and answer any remaining questions.

    When to file a claim?

      Serious Situations: If injured or unsure of fault, file a claim.

      Cost Analysis: Get an estimate before filing a vehicle damage claim. Paying out-of-pocket may save you money if repair costs are less than your deductible.

      Understanding Policy Implications: Some policies raise premiums after a claim. We can explain how a claim affects your policy.

      Guide and Advice: Unsure whether to file a claim or how? Our team provides expert guidance throughout the process.

      Essential Information for Filing a Claim

        Information about other participants, including witnesses and injured.

        Event details: date, time, location, and brief description.

        Your insurance policy number, if available.

        The Claim Filing Process Steps

          Initial Review and Support: Claim is promptly reviewed after reporting. A claims professional from your insurance company will help you start the claims process smoothly.

          Claim Tracking A unique claim number will be given to you for claim tracking and communication.

          Personalized Adjuster Assistance: An adjuster will handle your case. They'll answer your questions and explain the claim process.

          Additional services if needed: Your insurance company may connect you with emergency services or restoration companies from their network of approved vendors depending on your claim and immediate needs.

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